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Wholesome & Healthy at the Farmers’ Market

Market Manager Food Safety Kit


Issue: Consumer support for the local food movement and farmers markets (FM) has grown exponentially since 2006. FM vendors and managers need to ensure that appropriate good handling practices and best management practices are followed so their product is safe for human consumption. However, the resource base for FM food safety is fragmented, generalized, and difficult to navigate. Additionally, novel approaches are needed to engage consumers in market food safety. The overall goal of this project is to equip vendors, market managers, and consumers with both scientifically-based and practical behaviors that will reduce the likelihood of a foodborne outbreak.

 Action:  Based on preliminary data and surveys of market managers, consumers, and vendors, we are currently developing a market manager food safety kit called “Wholesome & Healthy at the Farmers’ Market” that includes educational materials for consumers and tools for managers to promote food safety.  The overall goal is to engage consumers in FM food safety and raise awareness of potential food safety issues. We will be beta testing this kit at FMs in Northwest Arkansas in Spring 2016.